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      Display Spares


      Our display spare parts portfolio targets key manufacturing challenges and ranges from basic Transactional Spares through comprehensive programs such as Total Kit Management (TKM) and PartsOnDemand (POD). Applied Materials is able to customize the details of each program to efficiently meet customer fab requirements and maximize tool performance.

      Display Total Kit Management™ (TKM)

      Longer kit life, better yield. Simplify parts management activities with Applied’s most comprehensive parts support program for Display. Applied’s TKM program will provide a customized kit of certified spares with best-in-class cleaning and coating services to improve particle performance.

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      Display PartsOnDemand™ (POD)

      Applied’s PartsOnDemand allows customers to order parts on demand with reliable, consistent lead times and an emergency service support option for hard to forecast inventory.

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      Display High Performance Parts (HPP)

      Applied’s enhanced specification HPP program provides higher performance parts for reduced overall CoO.

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      Display Parts Agreements

      Customer specific parts price list with discounts with fixed prices for contract term and rebate incentive options. Providing volume rebate and an additional rebate for increased volume on select parts.

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      Display Transactional Parts

      A simple “purchase as required” solution to your display spare parts needs. This option allows for procurement of spare parts at published lead times. Structured part price lists with volume rebate incentive options are available.

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