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      This Supplier Hub is a secure extranet site where suppliers can access important and timely information. It contains resources designed to enhance communication with our supply base.

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      A secure extranet supporting our supplier needs. Helping you do what you do everyday - better and faster


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      Latest News

      Stay informed with the latest news and information about business processes, changes and improvements.

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      Exclusive access to key information. Find out about what’s happening in the world of Applied Materials.

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      Spotlight Applications

      Solutions designed for business process excellence. Login to see what is new or to learn more about our supplier tool sets.

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      Secure Reports

      Data at your fingertips. Your direct access to reporting applications and data.

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      Contact Us

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      Phone: 1-877-659-2790
      Email: GIS_Service_Desk@amat.com

      Please provide the following information:

      1. Your company name
      2. Your name
      3. Your phone number
      4. Your e-mail address
      5. Your local time zone and hours of availability when we can contact you
      6. Website or application that you are having an issue with - Include full URL address, (http or https)
      7. Applied Materials Vendor ID or application log in ID
      8. Details of your issue such as PO#, PTN#, specific error message on the screen, etc.)
      9. Whether this is a first time issue or previously worked but now stopped working

      You will be assigned a help ticket number which you will need for reference, when the service team calls you back on your contact number provided.

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